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Why SJS?

We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring and effective.


Participation in Athletics

Like all extracurricular activities that help our young people develop and serve, athletic programs must be driven by Gospel values. The teachings of Jesus need to be present in every aspect of the sports programs of Catholic Schools.

The educational impact of participating in a sports program is highly significant. Participation in athletic programs can produce the following outcomes:

  • improve and educate for life-long health
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • promote higher academic performance
  • nurture the development of an inner sense of fair play and good sportsmanship

Students participating on any school athletic teams are required to have a physical completed by a doctor. Physicals must be completed before the team begins practice. School athletes and their parents are required to read and sign acknowledgement of the “Good Sports in the Diocese of Owensboro” brochure. Students with an academic grade below a C in any subject area or with a conduct grade of “3” will be suspended from participation in extracurricular activities, until the grade is raised. All coaches are “Safe Environment” trained and complete a background check.