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Why SJS?

We instill in students the value of service to others.

St. Joseph Afterschool Program

SACC Director Karen Stringer
SACC Supervisor Jackson Purcell 270-705-7545

St. Joseph School After School Program offers a safe & fun environment for your child. We are licensed with the state. Therefore we follow those guidelines and are inspected twice a year. Our staff is trained each year in CPR, first aid, weather emergency situations and completes 15 hours of additional training. Homework help is offered as well as fun activities to enrich your child’s learning experiences. This is a drop-in program therefore your child/children can come as needed. We have one day a week attendees to five-day attendees. All are welcome!

Jackson purcell

We welcome Jackson Purcell as our 2019-2020 SACC Supervisor. He is a Western Kentucky University student studying Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education. He has 1 year SACC experience. He has completed Christian Leadership Classes through the Diocese of Owensboro. Jackson has spent this summer working as a Camp Counselor at Gasper River Youth Camp. Jackson will be implementing a new SACC plan which includes grouping students with kids close in age and he has some great ideas for fun after school activities. Safety and active supervision are priorities to him. We welcome Jackson as our new SACC Supervisor.