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Why SJS?

We prepare students for further education; high school and college.

Drop off and pick up on the Church Avenue side of the school is not allowed EXCEPT FOR PRESCHOOL.

Preschool Pick-Up procedure is provided in the Preschool Handbook.


Morning Drop-Off

Only the blue door with the awning at the Nugent St. end of the parking lot will be unlocked at 7:00 am. Students enter this door until 8:00 a.m. At 8:00 this door is locked. The parking lot is one way on school days for arrivals and departures. Cars are to enter the driveway from Barry Street. For arrivals, cars may continue through the lot to the drop-off door at the far end of the parking lot. Children should exit their cars at the point the car stops (past the flag pole) and walk in the marked walkway to the school door. Students should only exit their cars from the doors on the RIGHT SIDE of the vehicle. Drivers SHOULD NOT pull cars into the striped walkways, but should stay to the left of the yellow line. Parents choosing to park and walk their children in must park in a designated space and not park behind cars already in a parking space. Parents with preschool children should park in a designated parking space and walk the preschool student to the back door of the preschool building if arriving after 7:30.

Preschool students that arrive before 7:30 and plan to eat breakfast should be walked to the gym by the parents or older siblings. If the preschool student has an older sibling, the students may be dropped off before the flag pole and the older student may escort the preschooler to the back door of the preschool building.

Afternoon Pick-Up:

Drivers follow a similar procedure for pick-up. All families will be given a card with their last name or the last names of your carpool. Please display card to principal or teacher on duty as your car approaches the pick-up area. Principal or teachers will instruct students when to move toward and enter their cars. Drivers should never park in the pick-up line and leave their cars. Drivers should not pull cars into the striped walkways, but should stay to the left of the yellow line. Drivers should not motion for their children to move toward cars until the principal or teachers do so. The safety of all the children is our utmost concern. AFTERNOON PICK-UP IS FROM 2:55-3:15.

Drivers who want to park in auxiliary parking lot behind playground are to leave their cars, enter through the gate, go through playground and wait at the gate for child to be sent by supervising teacher. NO STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO GO TO PARENT WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM SUPERVISING TEACHER. Please see Handbook for further information.