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Why SJS?

We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring and effective.


Beardreynolds family

"Saint Joseph School is another form of family. Coming from a five generation family who has attended SJS, I have acquired a plethora of memories from them all. My grandmother, Mary Patricia Durbin Nusz, went to St. Columba. The name was changed to Saint Joseph when the school moved to Church Street. She graduated from there in the early l900's. My mother, Mary Patricia Nusz Reynolds, went to school in the l930's remembering the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth as the teaching Nuns with two grades in one classroom. Her big memory was studying and memorizing the Baltimore Catechism "word for word" along with playing hopscotch on the playground. All of my ten brothers and sisters and I went and graduated from St. Joe from 1952 - 1984. My oldest brother, Mike, graduated from the last High School class in l965. Several siblings mentioned the importance that the Catholic school teachers made on their education and value of life, lived by their examples. Personally, I loved taking piano lessons (during school) from the Principal (who happened to be a Nun) and having piano recitals given for the Priests and especially doing duets with my brother, Pat. The Rhythm Band was also a classic to be a part of, as well as riding the SJS bus. My youngest sister Trish, loved having Nuns as teachers, celebrating the Living Stations of the Cross during Holy Week and getting out of school on Holy days. My four children and many nephews and nieces who went in the l980's, 90's, 2000's loved the all day talent shows on Halloween, playing for St. Joe basketball teams, KYA trips, D.C. trips and most importantly meeting and bonding with some of their BEST friends for life! Now that my grandchildren are attending SJS, I only pray that they receive the same God filled living guidance that has been given to the four generations before them. Even though the last century has changed in teaching, teachers, buildings and activities, Saint Joseph School continues to serve its students as one big family, role-modeled after Christ. Proverbs 22. 6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”"

- Mary Anne Beard

Sexton photo for testimonial

"Our daughter, Ann-Riley is in her third year at St. Joseph School. Honestly we originally decided to send her to kindergarten at St. Joe because we wanted to get her in the Bowling Green City School System. The next year, we received our letter stating that Ann-Riley had been accepted to the City School System; however, after our wonderful experience with St. Joe, we didn’t want to leave! The decision to stay was one of the best decisions we have ever made. There are several reasons why we absolutely love St. Joseph School. For a child to succeed, the home must be Godly and function on Bible principles. Although it begins at home, St. Joe builds the foundation at an early age and instills beliefs and values based on Jesus Christ. God commands us to teach children through His word. We believe St. Joe offers a safe emotional and spiritual environment, while achieving academic excellence. Teachers are a school’s heartbeat and we have been blessed with the most wonderful teachers. Ann-Riley’s teachers have been among the most influential role models in her life. St. Joe’s class size generally has fewer students, resulting in individual attention, which encourages students to share their thoughts and opinions more openly. None of this is meant to be a criticism of parents who place their children in public schools, nor of the Public School System, but the fact remains that public schools are not allowed to give your children the educational experience the Bible demands. St. Joseph School has blessed us in so many ways and we feel thankful to be a part of this family. If you ask Ann-Riley what she likes most about St. Joe, she will tell you, “We get to learn about Jesus”. We think that says it all! We look forward to Ann-Riley’s continued development and the success of St. Joseph School."

- Mark and Alison Sexton